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Allscripts Professional EHR is a market leading electronic health records software that is used by a staggering 180,000 providers nationwide, which means about 1 in 3 physicians use the Allscripts platform in their practices. Allscripts prides itself on designing their products to truly think the way physicians think and to be mobile enough to go wherever the physician wants to go. If doctors want to access patient records from their iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, or Android device then they have that flexibility. Allscripts serves over 20 specialties, so chances are they are ready to serve your EHR needs.

Allscripts Professional EHR Full Review

Obviously the sheer size of Allscripts’ client base just breathes experience and safety, but to be honest that’s not what really makes them different. The true value of Professional EHR has much deeper roots that just a great product on a functionality level. The true value of the product stems from Allscripts’ company vision. We could go on for pages upon pages here about the value of the company and what they offer, but to sum it up quickly, Allscripts has a strategy, vision and longing to provide a software platform for the future, and that platform includes a strategy that means one day people across the country will have a single patient record across all continuums of care. To simplify, this means that no matter where a patients goes across the country, regardless of the software that particular healthcare facility uses, physicians will have access to the patient”s record. To be very honest, a company has to have a very large market footprint and very deep pockets to pull off such a feat and Allscripts has both. We will cover Allscripts’ vision and value a little more in our EMR Pulse Assessment, so let”s jump into some of the things Allscripts offers on a product level that sets Allscripts Professional EHR apart from many systems on the market.

Here is a walk through of a practice using Allscripts Professional EHR today:

Physician Desktop - When a physician logs into the program he/she will have instant access to their schedule for the day, as well as just about anything else they a physician would need such as lab results, refill requests, messages, order results and much more, all presented on a single screen. This is extremely helpful, as physicians do not have to jump around to different screens or modules to get to the info they need fast. Here is a quick look at the ”Appointments” page to illustrate the layout:

When you login to Professional EHR, the physicians and staff are presented with their ”Appointments” for the day, which is color coded to indicate where the patient is within the practice.  As the patient progresses through the practice, the patient”s name will change colors from black, to blue, to green, to red indicating that the patient has arrive, been taken back, then checked out.

Patient Encounter - Perhaps the initial concern for a physician is in regards to how fast and efficient he/she can document a visit. With Professional EHR the physician can quickly encounter a patient after the nurse or PA has gathered all of the relevant data, while having access to any information needed. The nurse or PA probably rooms the patients, finds out why the patient is here, takes some vitals and maybe some history information, then passes the patient off to the physician. When this happens, all the physician has to do is monitor the Received Charts queue in the right hand column of his/her desktop, then take over the visit to complete the review of Systems, Physical Exam, and Assessment and Plan. This is fairly typical with any EHR, so what make Allscripts different? The difference is that when you open a patient”s chart you will instantly be able to see the Face Sheet for the patient that will immediately show you medical history information, past encounters, current medications,orders and more. The patient encounter can happen exactly the way you do it today due to the flexibility and fast access to important information, which is a big differentiator during a patient encounter. Here is a sneak peek at an example of a patient Face Sheet:


Health Maintenance -  is a great way to monitor preventative measures, pending labs, procedures, over due items, and more. We believe that having a product that utilizes industry standards, as well as customized health alerts is absolutely imperative when evaluating an EHR solutions. This feature will not only help you provide better care for the patient, but it will also assist with keeping patients flowing through your practice more regularly.

Protocols - The Assessment/Plan portion of Allscripts Professional EHR is yet another area where Allscripts can help speed up the process for physicans. By using ”protocols” physicians can, with a single click, give a diagnosis, prescribe medications, order labs or procedures, schedule follow ups, give patient education, and much more. The physician saves time and doesn’t have to jump around to different areas of the program to assign everything he/she needs in their assessment and plan.  By using ”protocols” physicians can, with a single click, give a diagnosis, prescribe medications, order labs or procedures, schedule follow ups, give patient education, and much more.  This saves the physician the hassle of having to jump around to different areas of the program to assign everything he/she needs in their assessment and plan.  If there is something the physician doesn’t not want included in today”s visit from the protocol, simply remove it.  The good news is there is flexibility.  Physicans can populate their ”Assessment/Plan” in a way that works for them; use protocols, short lists, search, etc., it”s all up to the doctor.

Other Features and Options

Electronic Prescribing - Allscripts is the leader in ePrescribing. As the nation’s largest ePrescribing provider, nearly 100,000 physicians and prescribers across the country trust Allscripts to safely and securely deliver their patients’ prescriptions.

Document Management - Allscripts Document Management (formerly Impact.MD) is a proven medical document management solution used by more than 18,000 healthcare professionals throughout the U.S. This award-winning program instantly improves chart access and practice workflow by electronically scanning and filing your current documents and making them accessible to your entire staff regardless of their location.

Clinical Quality Solution (CQS) - Medical groups are participating in an array of quality data reporting and pay-for performance initiatives while taking on more risk-sharing with payers. Expanding and changing program rules and procedures are straining provider resources. Physicians are expected to support these initiatives, but lack tools that would make them efficient….CQS is here to help

Patient Kiosk – Allscripts brings this self-service innovation to providers” offices with the Allscripts Patient Kiosk. The Patient Kiosk is a freestanding, interactive system that streamlines the entire patient registration process from check in to payment.

Patient Portal - Allscripts Patient Portal solutions let patients and physicians communicate safely and securely over the Internet to share information and enhance practice efficiency. Physician practices using either one of the Electronic Health Records or Practice Management Systems can deliver Patient Portal features to their clinicians and patients.

Prenatal -When it comes to healthcare, information makes all the difference. Maternity care is no exception. Allscripts recognizes this need and has developed Allscripts Prenatal and Enterprise OB. Both are web-based solutions that mirrors your existing workflow while offering integration options with EHR products.

Remote – Allscripts Remote™ enables providers to remotely control their Allscripts Enterprise EHR or Allscripts Professional EHR from any location. In a matter of seconds, providers can access the power of their practice’s EHR through their Apple® iPhone™, iPod Touch®, BlackBerry®, or Windows Mobile device.

Our Assessment

It’s fairly obvious that Allscripts Professional EHR is a very mature product, which can be verified for yourself during a demo. There are dozens of products on the market that constantly try to play catch up and will always be behind and on the bleeding edge of innovation. Fortunately for Allscripts, they are the 500-pound gorilla in the market and have the fire power to do just about anything they want to do with their products. There is definitely safety in numbers with Allscripts with over 180,000 users nationwide; no one else even comes close to that. Professional EHR can be ran in a client-server environment or in an ASP environment, so if you want to host your own solution, you can and if you want Allscripts to host your solution, they can. Also, the fact that Allscripts has so many add-on solutions is a big plus. We like to use the analogy of a bicycle and an automobile. A bicycle will get you to where you want to go, but why not use an automobile to get you where you want to go easier, faster, and with more comfort? As we mentioned earlier in this review, Allscripts has the right vision for today’s healthcare and that vision starts at the top of the organization. Allscripts senior management team is actively involved with Capital Hill in effort to do what”s right for healthcare IT. Glen Tullman, Allscripts’ CEO, has been in the news countless times talking about the company vision and how in order to improve clinical outcomes we have to be able to exchange data, regardless of what software platform organizations use. Having a single patient record is part of the Allscripts’ vision for the future and there is little argument that this is a bad thing for the patient, which is ultimately what matters.

Perhaps the one and only draw back for Allscripts is that there seems to be some concern from the market about the support Allscripts offers. Response to resolve time seems to be suffering a bit, but from what we hear, Allscripts is making a concerted effort across the company to deliver top notch support going forward. You have to be the judge yourself, but we would certainly recommend Allscripts Professional EHR to just about any specialty.

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