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eClinicalWorks is a fully “unified” EHR that empowers medical groups of all sizes with ways to take your practice paperless. eClinicalWorks has a long track record of successfully working with Private Practices, Hospitals/ Networks, CHCs/ FQHCs, and RECs. eClinicalWorks is able to link together all the features and options available via a single database. What’s that mean to you? It means that all products were developed by one company, allowing you to have a single point of contact for all of your needs. There is no more finger pointing from vendor to vendor if you have a need or issue.

eClinicalWorks Full Review

With over 50,000 physicians using eClinicalWorks across the country with a 98.9% renewal rate, it is probably safe to say that clients are happy with eClinicalWorks.  industry experts also recognize the superiority of eClinicalWorks, which is evident with the number of awards that eClinicalWorks has received. Obviously eCinicalWorks has great products, but what is it that really sets them apart?

Workflow – Perhaps the biggest concern for any practice that is considering implementing an EHR is the impact it will have on workflow. Questions like, “Will it affect my patient load?”, “Will I have to change the way I practice?”, “Will it slow me down?”, are all asked by just about every practice you run across. eClinicalWorks addresses these concerns by designing their products in a way that makes sense to the doctor. You shouldn’t have to change the way you practice. The product should adapt to the way you practice, which is exactly what eClinicalWorks has done. Documentation is much faster using templates, drop-down lists, and more.  Not only does this allow you to continue to have a patient encounter the way you are accustomed to, but it also allows you to be even more efficient by taking some of the redundancy out of documentation by allowing you to document things you write or do over and over every day with just a click of a button.

Customization – To further elaborate on the product adapting to the way physicians practice, eClinicalWorks allows various different customization options within the EHR. By customizing templates, forms, etc, you are designing the system to work for your practice, not the other way around.

Accessibility – In short, if you have access to a computer or a supported mobile device, then you will have access to your patient records.  How great would it be to be on call and stroll into your home office and address the patient\’s needs within seconds? In days of old, you would probably have to stroll into the office to pull the patient’s record to make an accurate clinical decision, but thankfully those days are long gone with eClinicalWorks; just login and pull the chart in a matter of seconds.

Communication – Communication with various different healthcare organization is definitely something that doctors value these days. eClinicalWorks is able to communicate with labs, other doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, and many more. The exchange of information is undoubtedly better for the patient and more efficient for doctors. If you don\’t want to manually write referral letter anymore, you don’t have to. If you want to presribe soem medication with a click of a button, you can. If you want to order labs and view the results instantly, you can. eClinicalWorks has everything you need when it comes to interoperability with other healthcare organizations.

Here is an example of the e-Prescribing function:


Here is an example of how you would access patient labs results from the chart:


We touched on this earlier in the synopsis, but we cant stress the importance of this enough. Many of the EHR companies on the market today are held captive by 3rd party partners.  f something goes wrong (and it will, that’s just the nature of technology) or if clients have questions, it then becomes very difficult to point the client in the right direction to address their concern. eClinicalWorks is truly your one-stop-shop for your EHR and add-on solutions.

Other Features and Options

Patient Portal – eClinicalWorks Patient Portal lets patients communicate with their doctor and access important information over the Internet. Your practice can send patients reminders, statements, patient education materials, and lab results electronically. Since communication is a key to preventative medicine, Patient Portal is a valuable aspect of the eClinicalWorks Comprehensive EHR Solution.

eClinicalMobile – eClinicalMobile allows providers to access the system anywhere through their smart phone, including iPhone and Blackberry. The screen has been optimized for easier viewing and to load quickly on these handheld devices. Users are able to access schedules, write prescriptions, and access encounters with the peace of mind that the data is encrypted and hosted on a secure gateway.

eClinicalMessenger - eClinicalMessenger is a new care management tool that enhances communication between the physician office and the patient. This new product uses Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology, enabling practices to send voice messages to patients, as well as the ability to send SMS text messages and e-mail. eClinicalMessenger has been designed as part of the eClinicalWorks comprehensive EHR solution, as opposed to being a stand-alone product, so patients can respond to the message and have their response change the status in the EMR system will reflect that response.

Interoperability - eClinicalWorks is committed to developing industry-leading interoperability standards. Solutions such as for hospitals and enterprise customers, and for physician practices enable secure communication and facilitate the sharing of patient data in a protected manner. eClinicalWorks advancements in interoperability allow the entire medical community to leverage technology to improve communication and ultimately provide a higher level of patient care.

Our Assesment

From a feature/function point of view eClinicalWorks certainly seems to have just about everything you need to get started with EMR. Their client footprint speaks volumes and they have some nice client testimonials as well. Overall we feel that eClinicalWorks offers great solutions for doctors that are looking to get started with EMR quickly, as the solution will likely be hosted by eClinicalWorks and accessed over the web. For larger practice we certainly recommend investing in hardware and hosting the solution onsite. For a 10 provider group it would cost roughly $1,200 per month just for the hosting portion, so we feel that the better solution technologically and economically is to have servers onsite. One of the things we discovered that eClinicalWorks is trying to over come is their support is often times sub par, but with the state of the EMR market this will likely be the case with many companies of the market due to practices flocking to vendors trying to take advantage of the Stimulus dollars quickly, and until companies hire the appropriate resources we will continue to have support problems. eClinicalWorks certainly deserves to be evaluated for yourself to see if their solution is the right fit for your practice

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