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NextGen Ambulatory EHR is a product that serves over 26 specialties with significant success in orthopaedics, ophthalmology, cardiology, pediatrics. and dermatology. NextGen offers a high degree of customization and is well suited for the mid to large-sized practices and organizations, as well as most specialty practices. Perhaps the biggest reason NextGen is able to tackle some of the most difficult specialties successfully is the fact that their customization options are arguably unmatched by anyone. Before we get started, let’s hear from some current NextGen users:

NextGen Ambulatory EHR Full Review

Perhaps one of the largest misconception by practices when purchasing an EHR is that physicians often expect to be able use the product right out of the box. There are some template-free solutions on the market that this may be possible, but the majority of EHR solutions on the market are template driven, because that’s what most doctors like and are used to. Most doctors are probably using a paper template today, so templates just make sense and make for faster documentation. With that said, templates need to be customized and setup the way each physician wants them. This is where NextGen’s Ambulatory EHR distances themselves from their competitors. NextGen’s EHR is highly customizable (although there is plenty of pre-built content for you to use already) and if you want a successful implementation, then you should have realistic expectations about the amount of customization you will probably do so that the system fits you best. No system on the market can be all things to everyone, but if you have a product that can be tailored to the way each users wants it, then you have a winnings solution. Simply put, NextGen offers customization and flexibility. Let’s take a look at some other areas in which NextGen Ambulatory EHR excels.

Clinical Content – Not only is NextGen’s solution flexible, but NextGen offers loads of pre-built clinical content developed by specialists for over 26 specialties. This is a great advantage and gives you a place to start without having to totally design your templates from scratch. NextGen also built-in workflow capabilities that will help you provide better, faster care for your patients. To Illustrate a template containing clinical content, here is an example patient with a urinary tract infection


And the corresponding Assessment and Plan:


Coding Optimization & Compliance – When we ask physicians what they think is the #1 reason is for law suits against physicians in America, they usually say something pertaining to prescription drugs. However, the #1 reason for law suits is improper coding. This is an area that NextGen can not only help you provide documentation for audits, but can also help you code your visits more appropriately, allowing for cleaner records, and potentially more revenue for the practice due to not having to ‘down code’ for the fear of an audit. With an E&M code calculator you will have a system in place that is audit-proof, so to speak. Couple that with seamless charge passing and you have a great combination.

Disease Management – Disease Management is a feature that will allow the physician to receive prompts to enter required information as recommended by numerous clinical guideline. If you have patients with diabetes, for example, then you will receive prompts to enter specific information for the patient as recommended by the ADA. This also applies to other chronic diseases. This is a great way to provide better care for your patients by enter better data.

Health Management – In a very similar fashion, Health Management also helps physicians manage their patient base more efficiently by allowing a notification when things such as; overdue patient exams, screenings, immunizations, tests, and orders occur. This can all be based on a customized schedule, ensuring patient compliance and preventive care.

Referral Management – One of the most time consuming and laborious things that physicians and staff do is referral letters. NextGen makes this process extremely easy for you by automatically generating your letters for you, based on your guidelines. You can then fax them, print them, for email them to your colleague on the spot. If you are receiving a referral letter, you have the ability to allow incoming referral letters to route directly to the patient record. The process is no longer a dreaded necessity as with days of old.

Other Features and Options

NextGen ePrescribing (*included with EHR) – Prescription errors that result from illegible hand-writing, incorrect dosing, and missed drug-drug or drug-allergy reactions contribute to thousands of deaths and billions of wasted dollars each year. NextGen Ambulatory EHR offers an electronic prescribing and medication management solution to provide an easy, convenient – and now profitable – answer to this problem.

NextGen Mobile – At your practice, at the hospital, at home, or across the country—you may be in any of these places at a given moment. And now you can rely on your NextGen Ambulatory EHR to be right there with you on your iPhone, iPad, iTouch, Blackberry, HTC DROID, or select other smartphone devices.

NextGen Patient Portal – Our advanced patient-provider portal promotes an interactive continuum of care between the patient and the practice, facilitating effective electronic communication and clinical data exchange.

NextGen Health Quality Measures – The Health Quality Measures Reporting Module is a clinical data repository used for automatic registry reporting of clinical outcomes and quality measure data required by pay-for-performance (P4P) programs such as Economic Stimulus.

NextGen Health Information Exchange – A highly secure data exchange and repository that stores, displays, and exchanges complete patient records, NextGen Health Information Exchange allows a community with participating practices using EHRs outside the NextGen Healthcare enterprise to easily exchange community data.

NextGen Dashboard – With NextGen’s Dashboard, providers can view patient data in a visually rich graphical format. Using bar charts, pie charts, gauges and more, the system displays information at the practice- or provider-level. The dashboard can visually display patients with diabetes mellitus who have their blood pressure under control, or it can present the number of electronic prescriptions completed by any number of individual providers, or at a practice-level

Our Assessment

NextGen\’s Ambulatory EHR offers as much or more than any solution on the market, which is partially due to the fact that NextGen can tailor fit a solution to virtually any practice in need of an EHR. No two practices are the same. NextGen realizes that and takes a different approach than most companies on the market. Practices need customization and flexibility and that is what NextGen offers. One of the big things that we look for when deciding on whether or not we should recommend a solution to prospective clients is the company vision. We feel that every company vision needs to have some type of community strategy, which is basically a strategy to connect data with just about any healthcare organization needed. The market goal is not to see which vendor can sell more product. The goal is to provide a better state of healthcare through better patient care and we can\’t do that without exchanging date;  it’s impossible. When looking at all of the different add on solutions NextGen offers, it’s obvious they have a similar vision for healthcare  On a feature function level, NextGen Ambulatory EHR can stand up with the best of products. Couple that with a great company vision and you have a winning combination which is why we would certainly recommend adding NextGen Ambulatory EHR to your short list of products to evaluate for yourself.

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