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Practice Fusion is a web-based electronic health record (EHR) product that is 100% FREE. Yes, you read that correctly! There is zero start-up cost and zero monthly maintenance charges to use the product. Practice Fusion is currently used by over 100,000 physicians nationwide and has without a doubt the fastest growing client base in the EHR market. Practice Fusion targets primarily family medicine and internal medicine practices, but due to their advanced customization capabilities Practice Fusion also has specialties such as Podiatry, Obstetrics/Gynecology (Ob-Gyn), Psychiatry, Pediatrics and Surgery successfully using their product every day. You really have nothing to lose by trying their product.

Practice Fusion EHR Full Review

Practice Fusion has a really unique business model. They offer their EHR service completely free to the end user and it”s offered on a platform that is accessible over the internet. There is no expensive hardware to buy or servers to maintain. Just login to the product from any computer with internet access and start practicing the best medicine possible. “Well, is it secure?” you are probably asking. YES! ·Check out the Practice Fusion security page to find out exactly why it”s so secure. Practice Fusion·also offers the flexibility to attend live training sessions online, as well as utilize Practice Fusion”s Certified Consultant Network if you require onsite training. Every product on the market has ways of differentiating itself from others and the key is finding the differences that matter to you. There are multiple areas that set Practice Fusion apart from others on a product level, as well as a company level. Let”s take a look.

  • It”s FREE – There isn”t another certified EHR on the market that offers itself for free to it”s users. This is a really unique concept for the healthcare IT industry and has really caught on with the community. Most products cost a minimum of five figures upfront, as well as thousands of dollars in annual maintenance cost. Obviously Practice Fusion has a business plan in terms of monetization, but the good news for you is it doesn’t involve charging doctors for using their services.
  • Implementation and Training – How does “Live in Five” sound? Well, it only takes five minutes to be up and running on Practice Fusion. Most vendors on the market are 90-120 days out on their implementations (usually more!) due to the high demand stemming from doctors trying to achieve Meaningful Use by October 1st, 2013, so they can get their first stimulus payment of $15,000 per physician as soon as possible. There are exactly zero other EHR companies on the market that can have you live faster than Practice Fusion.
  • Receiving adequate training is mission critical for a successful EHR implementation. The good news is you can attend training sessions over the web at your convenience at the virtual Practice Fusion Learning Center or utilize a Certified Consultant to come out to your practice.
  • Easy Customization - Perhaps one of the most difficult things for physicians to accomplish is getting their templates setup the way they want them. Traditionally, you end up building these from scratch with limited guidance through the process. Practice Fusion”s SmartChart template library will certainly make your life easier by allowing you to take templates created by other physicians and organizations to use, while also allowing you build your own from scrath if you choose. Template sharing among physicians is a big advantage.
  • Support - How well a product is supported is equally as important as the product itself. Let”s be honest, we are dealing with technology and issues will arise from time to time regardless of what product you choose. The key is choosing a product that has great support to get your issues fixed fast and efficiently. Along with the traditional route with picking up the phone for support, Practice Fusion also offers “Live Chat” where you can get your questions or concerns addressed quickly without having to sit on the phone waiting on a resolution.
  • iPad Friendly - Some companies offer iPad support for their EHR products, but it”s usually in the form of a totally different graphical user interface (GUI), while there are still some companies that don”t offer iPad support at all just yet. Practice Fusion has teamed up with LogMeIn to make sure you can access the exact same product on your iPad that you have in your office.

Other Features and Options

With Practice Fusion’s e-prescribing technology, you can submit electronic prescriptions to more than 60,000 pharmacies in the U.S. at no cost. Available as a stand-alone feature or as part of our free, web-based EHR, eprescribing will reduce medication errors, increase practice efficiency and improve patient safety.

Referral Letters – Send a patient referral fax with just a click of a button. No printing, no fax machine – just a fast, easy, electronic way to send patient records to any provider in the country. Practice Fusion automatically stores your referral network contacts for quick look-up. Referral letters include patient demographics, vitals, diagnoses, medications and allergies straight from the EHR system.

Lab Integration – Seamlessly order and receive labs free of charge through Practice Fusion”s Electronic Health Record. Practice Fusion”s free EHR is integrated with the country”s top laboratory companies to streamline your lab order workflow. View lab results online within the context of your patient”s chart.

Personal Health Record – With Patient Fusion – the only free, online personal health record (PHR) platform connects directly to your medical practice – your patients can play a more active role in their own health care by instantly and securely accessing their medical chart and medication and immunization history

Our Assessment

Practice Fusion offers a truly unique approach to healthcare IT and we are especially fond of companies that offer products at no cost to providers. Most EHR products are extremely expensive, which is one of the main reasons many physicians delay their decision to adopt a product  After all  the goal of getting EHR into the hands of the physician is not to see how rich EHR companies can become. The goal is to deliver this technology because that is what”s best for the patient.

On a product level, Practice Fusion has plenty of bells and whistles, so don”t think just because it”s free that it lacks functionality. Practice Fusion offers clinical customization, lab integration, e-Prescribing, robust training and support, advanced reporting, mobility, security, and much more. We concentrate almost exclusively on EHR for the sake of reviews, but Practice Fusion also offers their Practice Management product as part of their suite of products. For many more reasons than we can list in this review, we certainly recommend giving Practice Fusion a try for yourself. You have nothing to lose. Literally!

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